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Somewhat janky ITX build with DIY desk

Hi, i would like to show you my way to the setup i run nowadays. It all started 4 years ago when i was just casually searching local used market and i came across my dream cpu block (from times when i was kid and cannot afford custom WC). At the time a was without desktop pc few years so the plan was born. I like small things so ITX was the way. It take me like another year to collect mostly used parts for complete system and i just build it. Also all the WC parts was used, because i have no use for desktop pc (at that time) so want that pc cheapest posible. If i remember correctly only brand new parts was PSU, Drive and some other stuff. In that parts list was...how to put it.... a very big radiator - alphacool monsta 420 which in no known universe will fit in a small itx case so i have to find way to get it running. So i welded up some "holder" for that rad and D5 pump.  Problem was the power suply because at the beginning i wasnt planing build somehow powerfull pc so i pick up just 450W PSU and i was affraid that it wasnt enough for my entire system so i bough a 80W power brick and solder some molex connectors on that to power the D5 pump and 3 140 fans on the rad.


So that was my first version of the pc was born. I like to call it "the Jank" setup.


Parts list:


used Ryzen 1500x 

open box Strix 450 itx board 

used 16Gb RAM 

new NVME drive

used SSD M.2 drive

new Corsair SF 450 power supply

used R9 290x with block on it - i pay 35 USD for that

all WC parts was picked up used with exception of D5 pump - that was open box

used Raijintek Ophion case

new Arctic 140 fans 

new 80W power brick

new monitor

new keyboard

and my old trusty G5 mouse i have like 15 years now 😆





Next 2 years was ok, setup works fine but that desk...oh boy...i hate that desk so i build myself a new one. One with build in holder for that ridiculous radiator/pump combo. I also decide to buy some BRAND NEW!!! fitings 😆 and proper guick disconnects between rad/pump and rest of the system. The rest of the system remains untouched.


So i picked up some steel squares (40x40mm) and ikea kitchen desk and get it done.




I sanded down the color of the frame so it looks weared and old.







My last "evolution" was actually yesterday when i moved system fron Raijintek Ophion case to new SSUPD Meshlicious i bought. I also abandoned that ridiculous (and very loud) cooling solution for something actually sufficient for my old parts and my use of the system. Honestly i was about to get just new case and go for air cooled system but nerd inside of me wont. I abandoned air cooling plan and go for "fully" build "show" pc with custom WC. I pick again...BRAND NEW!!!!😆 alphacool WC parts like pump block, 280 rad, new noctua fans, new fittings and also hard tubing. I print myself a bending mandrels for hard tubing but ended ub buying alphacool mandrels because printed just dont work for me. I screw up 4m of hard tubing at first try but next time i get it right. I started with homemade (sandpaper) satin tubes but ended up liking clear acrylic ones. When i was bending those tubes i was like....dude...you are making such a beautifull tubing and want to put there those ugly psu cables? Hell no...so next task was sleeving all psu cables. It turn out so good that i ended up sleeving every single one cable in that case 😆.












So thats the end of the story for now. Hope you enjoy it and maybe it will inspire somebody to build new system.😉


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