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Can my APU work with my gpu for video editing?


I’m using 3400g with rx570.

im a video editor using Davinchi resolve studio. 
I wanted to know if there is a way to make the igpu of the cpu work with the gpu for video encoding and decoding.

is there any windows settings/ bios settings/ or software settings to make this happen?

im asking since I noticed that when I work on a timeline I see 100% gpu use but no cpu use and thought maybe there’s a way to use it.

also I heard that intel CPUs with igpu are using it for video editing so what’s the difference?


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I mean, can you?

Go to preferences->system-> memory + gpu, and untoggle "auto" for everything, and see if you can enable both at once.

But because it is a linear editor, I really don't see how you could parallelize timeline scrubbing, one gpu will load the next timeline frame, and what will the other gpu do exactly? encode optimized media? But try and see what happens.


I only see your reply if you @ me.

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