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Confusing USB C behavior with my keyboards


I recently upgraded my gaming PC and I finally have two USB C ports on the motherboard IO. Both are TB4/USB4 compatible ports. My understanding is that USB C is backwards compatible with USB2 and USB3 devices. I have two different keyboards that have a USB C port with a detachable cable, and when I use the included (or any) USBA-to-C cable, everything works fine. But when I use a USBC-to-C cable to connect my keyboards to the motherboard... I get nothing. The LEDs do not work and the keys do not register. Windows doesn't even bong when I plug in either keyboard. My webcam also has a USB C port and that device works without a single issue. I don't understand the incompatibility of my keyboards. I wish this was only limited to my new computer.


The behavior is the same with my work laptop (HP with TB3 ports) and my M1 MacBook Pro with TB4 ports. I do not have access to straight USB C ports without TB support. I would blame the USB C cable, but I've used it to connect my HP and MBP to my LG monitor and it works immediately, and it also works with the webcam.


Anybody have a clue what's going on with all this? My many searches on the internet resulted in: 1) update my drivers, and 2) TB ports can be finicky. I'm more interested in understanding the cause of the issue. Techquickie subject?


Keyboard 1: ASUS Falchion

Keyboard 2: Corsair K70

Motherboard: Asus Z690-i (Alder Lake)

Webcam: Elgato Facecam


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