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HW Info not recognising my overclock

very new to CPU overclocking here. my motherboard bios allowed me to turn my i7-3770 from 3.4GHz base to 4.1GHz base and in task manager it shows up fine (its boosting to 4.96GHz on occasion) but HWINFO64 says its done a maximum boost of 4.1GHz. which one do I believe and is there a better way to monitor it that HWINFO64 if its a known thing?

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9 minutes ago, ascii557755 said:

which one do I believe

HWiNFO, Task Manager is pretty terrible at reporting frequency (on my old X99 rig it would say the CPU is running at 49GHz, not 4.9GHZ, when in reality it was at 4.3GHz). You've got a non-K CPU, so you can't overclock that, so it will only hit the max boost of 4.1GHz. 

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58 minutes ago, ascii557755 said:

(its boosting to 4.96GHz on occasion)

Not likely. Here are the specs for a 3770 non K CPU.


https://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i7/Intel-Core i7-3770.html


I believe the non K support +400 MHz of overclocking. 4100 MHz when all 4 cores are active sounds about right. 4.96 GHz does not sound right. The Task Manager is flaky on older CPUs. Many programmers do not have access to older processors for testing purposes. 


Try using ThrottleStop 9.4.6 for a second opinion. 



The TRL window will show if your CPU supports overclocking by increasing the turbo ratios. It likely says +4 if it is a non K series. Post some screenshots if you need help. 

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It's definitely not running at 4.9GHz. With the highest multipliers it would run at 4.1-4.3GHz depending on how many cores are in use.

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