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Moving house tips?


Hi all,


Soon I will be moving places and I just wanted to gather some tips for moving the precious PC hardware. So far I was planning:

  • Taking out the GPU, putting it back in the anti static bag and then in the original box which I all still have
  • Taking out the spinning rust (hdd's) and wrapping them in packing paper, then in a separate box with air packs.
  • Filling the rest of the CPU case with air packs. Notably leaving the Corsair H115i waterpump/CPU cooler unit attached to the cpu.
  • For the PC case I also still have the original box so after adding aforementioned airpacks I'd close it up again and put it in the box.
  • As for monitors, I still have their original boxes and the styrofoam so I was planning to simply put them in there. Not sure if I still need to have some thin sheet of plastic to cover the display?
  • As for peripherals, I have original boxes for mouse, keyboard, headset, mousepad, (LTT) deskpad and headset stand so I'll be using all of those. These I was planning to just pack in a larger box and let the movers handle. 

And finally I'm planning to move the 4 boxes of case, 2x monitors, and drives myself rather than letting the movers do it.


Do you guys have any other tips? And can you give your opinions on the bold-italic bits?


For reference this is my hardware: https://nl.pcpartpicker.com/user/Favna/saved/#view=gVLf99


Much appreciated!

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Moving my rig in and out of college many times, I kept the components together well screwed in, then put a pillow under and behind the tower and placed it on the passenger seat next to me (no harm has come to it yet after 8 journeys from Philadelphia to Poconos) and driven carefully and avoided potholes to the best of my ability. For the monitors: I stored my backpack in the foot well, with the monitor resting on it face up, then the 32in tv I would put a pillow on top of the tower and rest it on there with the corners resting on the dashboard.

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