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I just accidentally wiped my Plex media drive

So I'm an idiot...I have a 2TB USB 2 hard drive plugged into a PC that runs Plex and has all of our media on, of things that aren't on iTunes Movies (yeah some of us use it!) - like obscure movies and my old iTunes music library which had over 45,000 songs from CDs I no longer have physical copies of. I was just thinking the other day about making a back up of it, but that was before pay day.... It also had some TV shows, software installers and some other bits. 


I was trying to make a Windows 10 bootable USB stick and accidentally chose the wrong drive. 


The drive used to have one partition on, it now has three and a few gigabytes of data on for the Windows 10 installer.


I'm hoping that I might be able to recover some of the data but I don't really know where to start. 


Anyone got a good place I can start?



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Oof, it's going to be tricky. Data Recovery can be iffy sometimes. If the files were just deleted it wouldn't be super difficult but since partitions and data were installed over top of the deleted information it changes things. You can use the program Getdataback and in my experience with it it should be able to recover you files. However, the issue with partitions and data being installed onto the drive after the original data was removed is that it will fill the sectors with new data in the spots where the old was, so when the old files get recovered they will either be gone entirely or will be recoverable but will be corrupted, they can also be fine but it just depends and can be kind of luck of the draw what sectors get filled with new data. You'll want to boot into a portable OS environment like Winpe or some other portable OS and run Getdataback off of a flash drive. 

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