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Home Theater 2.1 Receiver (Input Lag)

Hey everyone,


I have LG G1 along with a Pioneer VSX-LX305 A/V Receiver.

Simple question, would we have input lag with our next gen consoles/gaming PC when connecting directly through A/V receivers that have HDMI 2.1?

I know I can connect it directly to My G1 and enable eARC for the uncompressed audio back to the A/V receiver but I was just trying to avoid that if possible.
I was hoping the @LinusTech team covered this already; however, I wasn't able to locate any viable answers in the forums. 

I dont wanna spend money on a Input lag tester for a simple question. Maybe one day the @LinusTech team would make a dedicated video on this topic since more and more A/V receivers are coming with HDMI 2.1 inputs.


Thank you! :)

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I actually made a video on this!

In short, you'll have to use eARC due to the receiver adding audio delay. Not sure if the receiver added video delay, but I would assume so as well. I could find no way around audio delay unless I used eARC. OLEDs are just too fast for receiver's. 

I too preferred the setup of device - Receiver - TV, I'm used to eARC now and it's honestly the only way to make it all usable. 


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