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If you know who MiniTool is or have used this app, oh my goodness it is so good.



My goodness, this might be the best free software I have ever used. It’s just too simple. You literally click the video, go to the corner is download it, click what resolution you want, and boom it downloads. And it’s SUPER quick. I can download a 10 minute video at 1080p in like 20 seconds. No ads, no paywalls, no “premium” subscription. The app even comes with a Video Converter if you want to change a video to audio. It even comes with a Screen Recorder! It’s just so good. There’s something minor that bugs me, but I don’t think it’s too big to make a cons list. It’s just great.



MiniTool uTube Downloader Rating: 9.9/10. It is just an easy app.


LINK TO DOWNLOAD: youtubedownloadminitool

how are you doing today

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