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2x 140mm or 2x be quiet silent wings 3 + old arctic 80mm

My question is, since I replaced the stock fans on 3060ti with 2x bequiet silent wings 3 and a 80mm fan on the bottom side, would it be beneficial for acoustics to use 2x 140mm instead or is it not worth it?20220526_225505.thumb.jpg.546834e389360f4f7e90b2f81406c332.jpg

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r/techsupportgore vibes here.


The 80mm fan is going to be a weak link and you don't really need to pull air from there.  I wouldn't move to 140mm fans because they have bigger hubs than the 120mm fans (I'm looking at 120 and 140mm bequiet's right now on my desk)  so the air is just going to blow past the card anyways instead of into it.

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