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ROG Laptop Keyboard RGB problem and bottom panel LED not working

I have these two issues with my ROG G17 2020 laptop.


For the issue of RGB problem I'm uploading photos here.


The problem is that for some keys such as H and F11, F12, NUM 5 some others too, the green color not showing and it give wrong color for yellow static (gives RED) and for sky blue it gives sea blue color. Only the purple and blue (0 0 255) and RED(255 0 0) shows correct color. I tried reinstalling Armory crate but the same issue. Do you guys think this can be solved? Anyone faced similar issues?


And for the issue of bottom panel LED it doesn't work at all and Armory crate there should be one option in System -> Lighting -> Settings -> Device lighting zones but that is not showing on my laptop, my friend said maybe the FFC cable which connects LED with board broken but not sure.



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