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Moto G100 camera showdown

Which of these do you prefer?  

1 member has voted

  1. 1. Based on the photos below (with tags) which do you think best captures the subject?

    • Standard w/AI Processing (normies mode)
    • Portrait No AI processing
    • NIGHT VISION (yes it is really called that)
    • Pro mode (I have only passive experience with photography settings and mostly adjust sliders until it looks good)

So despite how anti RGB I am, I finally caved and went with retrained tasteful RGB on my rig. 


Now photographing it, that's a different story. The camera on my G100 takes really nice photos in good lighting, with a little bit of a tendency to green shift very slightly. I've tried low light photos before and the processing even with it all turned off is HORRIBLE. Like it just blows exposure out the window and adds so much grain to the photo that it looks like it was taken with an early 2000s camera phone sometimes despite being a 64MP sensor or 16MP quad pixel (picture of my dog to illustrate the over exposure and excessive grain). The most annoying part being that in the preview before it finishes "processing" the image looks really good.

While I consider myself to be nowhere near an expert on photography, I know a good processing and bad processing when I see it. What do you guys think:






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