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LOD and shadows popping out in all games


Reently i built my pc that has a RTX 2060 I5 10400F and 16gb of ram and i know that the 2060 is not a top tier rtx on the market right now but it's not low end however once i played some games i noticed that all the games i tested so far ( GTA V, Beamng, Cities Skylines) no matter howhigh i crank the settings up i see shadows and LOD's popping out literaly 20 meters infront of me which is just funny for the hardware that i have. In GTA for example, i can see cars just appearing out of nowhere, trash antialiasing, shadows loading infront of me, road signs popping out of nowhere as well and all that with the settings on ultra, extremely frustraing. I will attach 2 videos from Beamng drive as an example with all the settings on ultra and just judge it yourself, is it a problem with my hardware? i think it's pretty good to handle AAA games and not only?



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