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Monitor Help

Hi There


I'm looking for a good monitor recommendation. I want it to b ether 27 or 32inch it can be 28 or 31.5 but between 27 and 32inch.

I would like it to be 2560x1440 or UHD (3840x2160) I'm more keen on UHD but given i want at least 120hz i know UHD in 120hz can be expensive.

I want an IPS panel, with good color and if it was able to do HDR that would be good to. 1ms GTG would be ideal but im not an esports person so if it wasnt thats still fine aslong as its got a good response rate.

G-Sync compatible is fine so AMD free sync that works with NVIDIA cards would be good.

I don't care about the monitor mount as long as i can mount it to a 100x100 VESA mount. Couldn't care less about RGB on the monitor.

27-32inch monitor

2560x1440 or 2840x2160

120hz or faster dont care about 360hz 165 max would be more then enough.

IPS, Good color and HDR with 1ms GTG or close to it.

VESA mountable.


If you have a good recommendation and first hard experience with the monitor that would be good.



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