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Coolermaster argb controller failing? / arctic p12 pwm pst fans flickering orange like crazy..

Been having issues for a while regarding my arctic p12's argb connected to coolermasters argb controller, worked fine before i updated the software regarding its controller, they began flickering orange like crazy and even after uninstalling the software.. their still flickering. I have no idea how to change them back, im trying to find out whats wrong here or if it cant give enough power to the nine fans, 3 fans are serial-connected to one header on the controller.. so basicly:


9fans, 3 headers.

1header (last slot) in the controller is the argb on the aio itself, all the slots are filled.

Ive checked the cables multiple times now over the months and their all connected.


Im not sure what to do anymore, ive tried going back version of the software without any luck, they keep flickering orange like crazy.. Only pattern/scheme they dont flicker is on blue for some reason.

I really miss my rainbow pattern now.


No idea if this is an RMA-case or something is wrong with coolermasters argb controller, any help would be greatly apprieciated 🙂

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Maybe getting new rims for my V70 will change my mind on keeping it🤔

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