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Opinion on Z Fold 3 after 2 months of ownership

Any other Z Fold 3 or other foldable phone owners here?
About a month ago I stumbled over a Z Fold 3 used and traded it for my iPhone 11 Pro + 300$. Can't ever go back to the iPhone because I can't stand 60hz (pc, laptop and phone are now 120+📷)
I really liked the foldable aspect of the phone, or in other words I didn't get bothered by the bend/scoop in the middle part of the display at all really. I never really considered the Fold "my" phone though, my intention was to buy it and flip it for profit.
So, I decided to buy a Z flip 3 used that I got a good deal on (550$ is good no?) because I thought I didn't mind the bendable display and historicallty I have almost always favored smaller phones.
But nah. The Z flip 3 is just not for me after daily driving the Z Fold.
My experience with the flip:
-Hate the bend because you scroll past it all the time and it bothers me so much more than it does on the Fold. And the placement makes it always in the way I feel.
-Battery-life on the Flip is worse. Fold always lasts a day while the flip didn't. -Volume and power button are placed insanely high, I can't reach it with one hand and it's just placed in a weird spot.
-Raised edges around display are way more noticeable than the Fold because of smaller size, feels less "modern high-end phone" and more toy imo
My experience with the Fold:
-Not actually THAT big of a slab when folded, normal size but a little fat. Takes up less space than an iPhone 13 Pro Max in my pocket, and only feels like it weights a little more than the iPhone really while having a lot more screen real-estate.
-Front camera in unfolded mode is crap, looks like an iPhone 6. But you have camera on front display so its fine. The "in-screen" front camera is still very much visible 2 months later, but very forgettable. Only complaint is that Snapchat uses the same 11:9 or whatever and it looks weird on other peoples snaps
-Don't really ever notice the bend in the middle of the display unless I'm in direct sunlight or somehow suddenly aware of it, but mostly just feels like a normal screen ("Glass"-material still feels kinda like plastic but it doesen't feel cheap)
-I really like the unfolded size. Media consumption is better than expected, 16:9 content is OK with sizable black bars, but Reddit, Facebook, Mail and browsing the internet feels good and is very clear and readable because of the large size (Reddit/Facebook has surprisingly much more 4:3 (11:9) content than I realized)
-I am typing at the same speeds as I did on my iPhone, I still use Gboard even when unfolded (I dont like the split hand keyboard that Samsung provides) and it's perfectly fine typing on.
-Great party trick, people are fascinated and start asking me questions
In conclusion: I think I'm gonna keep the Fold and sell the Flip instead. My intention was to test the phone only then sell it. And also i dropped it and got a hairline-crack on one of the camera lenses so I won't even make that much money selling it again. I really thought the Flip would be the phone for me but I was really wrong.
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Aw, that sucks. As you are someone who owned both of them, that’s a unique pov that most consumers can’t get.  How do you suggest samsung improves the flip?

I’d bet you’re in the phones and tablets category (my domain haha)
The king of quack, That android guy…

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