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Samsung Odyssey G9 mysteriously stopped working.

2075797896_20220523_2010272.thumb.jpg.fbcb92a1a824702b9c256043cb2f9e59.jpgOkay, I've heard rumors about these monitors having bad QC, but this one I've had for about a year and it's been just great!


I transplanted my monitor from it's factory stand to a fancy monitor arm. After taking off the stand, placing the monitor lightly on my bed, then slotting it on to my arm, it now no longer powers on. No status LED, no screen activity. Nothing.


The troubleshooting steps that I've taken so far:


I've switched what port of the UPS it's plugged in to.


Switched the power cable.


Held the power button for an inordinate amount of time.


Unplugged all the other cables except the power cable, in hopes that one of them had shorted out and the monitor was in some kind of safety mode.


I know that the cable is making contact and that something is happening inside the monitor, with just the monitor plugged in, my UPS reports a 3w power draw, with the monitor unplugged, no power draw. When I plug in to the back of the monitor, I can hear arcing between the contacts, I've never noticed that before, then again, I haven't unplugged this monitor much.


I have all night and any help would be appreciated. I really love this monitor and if it's kaput, I don't think I can go back.








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