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PC Freezes, Hard Power Button Does Not Even Work To Turn PC Off

As the title states. 


I will be playing a game, watching a YouTube video, or literally anything and my pc will freeze. 


The screens stay on and display what it was displaying, but i think my fans may ramp up. If i turn it off by the PSU switch, but turn it on too quickly the PC will not boot and i can just hear the fans ramp up. The PC must be off from the power for like 20 seconds for it to actually reboot into windows. 


Here are my specs: 


AMD 5900x
Asus Crosshair VIII Hero WIFI
3080Ti FE
64GB 3600MHz HyperX Fury
1TB Samsung M.2

250GB Samsung SSG Boot Drive

Lian Li Dynamic XL
9x Lian LI SL Fans
Samsung Odyssey G7 27"
2x Asus 1080P


Windows 11, 64bit


Ive disabled Auto OC on the ryzen tuning program, no overlock on anything. Please can someone help me as i am really baffled by this now. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is my event viewer after the crash! Please can someone help as its starting to do it more often! 


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