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HP Proliant boot issues

Hi all, 


I have an HP Proliant DL380 G7 that I'm trying to run Unraid on. I used to have TrueNAS on it but I didn't like it so I decided to make the switch (already have another server on Unraid). 


After some trouble getting it to boot from USB the first time (kept wanting to go back to truenas on the hard drive) it fired up and I went through some configuration. 


Somewhere around the third or fourth reboot, the boot process hung and since then I can't get the box to boot to USB at all. 


I reflashed the USB key with a fresh copy of Unraid, tried disabling the integrated RAID and SATA controllers, nothing seems to work. I can confirm the USB is bootable on my desktop.


It just says trying to boot from CD-ROM and floppy, then an error that there's no OS on the hard drive. USB is first in the boot order, and trying to manually override the boot order shows the same messages. 


I'm just at a total loss and I'm hoping someone has had this problem before. 

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