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Second memery channel dieded while PC was running ??!! PC start with 1 RAM stick but not 2



I replaced my waterblock for the CPU and pulled the CPU (Ryzen 3800X) out of the socket. I had to use a hair dryer to warm up the liquid metal enough to seperate the block and CPU. But I could still touch everything (I guess >80°C). Then the CPU dropped to the carpet (from ca. 5 cm height). I checked!!! NO BEND PINS

I put the PC back together with both 16 gb sticks of RAM and checked the temps.
Afterwards I started Prime95 to see if the thermal contact of the liquid metal was good. (I saw 26 gb ram use from Prime95, so both sticks worked.)
The temp rose from 70 to 85°C in a few minutes (normal for my setup) and sometime it just crashed..

Since then:
- I cant start in dual channel memory

- I cant start with singel channel memory in the B channel

- I CAN start with both sticks in both A channels

- I CAN interchange the sticks

I doublechecked if sweat dripped into the socket or liquid metal did anything bad / any ram pin is bent.
I checked the pinout of AM4 and checked the corresponding ram pins a third time and I checked the socket in this part for visible damage.
I updated the BIOS,
I cleared the CMOS
I changed the BIOS battery.

I started the DOCP proflile and inserted the second stick after that. NOTHING!!!!

Now its your turn.
Is the memory channel on the CPU /MB just dead? Dieded it in the prime run?
Any other troubleshooting idea? (I have a AM 3 platform PC and DDR3 ram + an old GPU for troubleshooting, nothing else.)
What can I do (except for crying?)?

PLS send help 😄

Thank you for your time and game on

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Waited 2 days, loosened the water block a little bit, but this time it worked!!!


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