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Full home network with nvr, door access etc Unifi vs HASS

Hi All


For our new house (2 floor apartment), we're trying to work out the best solution for various things.


We had worked out most of our issues by going with Unifi despite the more limited product access in China. The main thing that Unifi don't seem to have as a product (that I would really like) is being able to control the main door access/communication from their ecosystem.


I'm not tied into their product stack yet, so am open to going with other solutions, but here is a quick run through of what we were looking to do.


Server cabinet:

  • UPS
    • 1 or 2 from Eaton's Chinese subsidiary.
  • Switch
    • USW-24-PoE
    • Need a good PoE with ideally the newer BT standard
  • UDM-Pro-U (Dream Machine)
    • This would obviously act as the brain for it all, as well as some additional ethernet availability.
    • It would also act as the primary NVR.
      • Not a huge fan of this as there is only 1 HDD bay but they don't sell the dedicated NVRs here.
  • Cameras
    • G3 Flex
      • Just for some indoor options
      • PoE
    • UVC-G3-PRO
      • For outdoor
      • PoE
  • WAP
    • U6 Pro
    • Not in the cabinet, would have 1 for each floor.
    • PoE
  • Modem, some generic one from ISP
  • Door access
    • 1 for each main door
    • This does not seem to support a replacement for the main apartment door access.
  • Server
    • Will work on this after moving in, will be a home server for file storage, HASS, NVR backup etc.


I know that there are other solutions we could look into but I do kind of like the Unifi ecosystem, though I know once I'm in, getting out will be more challenging.


If I were to go with HASS and a more random assortment of parts such as dedicated NVR, switch, network management, there are pretty much limitless options, but with a lot of additional difficulty and effort.


Considering the above that I had planned, what would be your take on this and what would you do instead with a non-Unifi setup to achieve the same/better result with HASS, especially around the main door access?


Many thanks in advance for any feedback!

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