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Remember 2 gaming rigs 1 PC? Basically that but a NAS/Plex server

Budget (including currency): £ and I'm looking solidly mid-low teir in terms of price but ik some of this might be £££££

Country: £

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Daily driver, gaming with friends occasionally, meida/backup server, plex, and maybe minecraft but that's probably getting ahead of myself

Other details

Hello hello,
So basically what I want to do is follow what Linus did in the "2 Gaming Rigs, 1 PC" video but I want to run one gaming rig and a media/storage server instead. I currently have 2 systems I'm gonna combine to create this thing, my daily driver gaming pc and an old pc I'm currently using as a media server running unraid.
I have a little bit of understanding of what I'm doing with building this PC but I would like some advice as to what are the sort of parts I need to get this system up and running. Here is what I've currently got, I got this originally as a prebuild so I'm not 100% sure on some of these but here we go:

Gaming rig

Picture attached (for those wondering that's Chaz skiing next to a drivetrain I designed)
CPU - i7 10700F
Motherboard - MSI MAG B460M Bazooka
RAM - 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengance
GPU - RTX 3060
Storage - one 1TB ssd, and two 2TB HDDs
Unraid Media Server
For this it doesn't really matter too much as the cpu is like 10 years old and the ram is like DDR2 or 3. The only things I'm taking from here are
GPU - GTX970
Storage - one 8TB HDD, two 2TB HDD

So I think I'm gonna need a new motherboard for both GPUs as I wanna use one for transcoding and one for gaming, RAM will need to be at least 32GB, power supply will probably need beefing up too. Honestly I'm not overly worried about the like gaming performance of this setup, I've got a 1440p monitor so I'd like to be able to play like valheim at a reasonable level and games like f1 at at least high at ok framerates.

Once this thing is built then I plan on runing window in a VM for games and all that jazz, and then this next bit I'm a bit unsure on. So what I run at the moment is a Emby/Sonarr/Radarr/Jackett combination that works mostly but is a bit fiddly. I don't really understand all the networking magic that I need to do with the docker containers to make this accessable off my local network, and I know I kinda fucked up making the file structure last time.

If you got this far wow thank you, any advice or suggestions on what the fuck to do would be really appreciated xoxo



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I dont' see a reason to use vms or unraid here. Id just keep your gaming pc hardware the same, add the hdd, and set this all up in windows. All of the sharing programs you listed will work fine in windows. Windows does network shares very easily in the properties of a folder, and you can setup a raid array with storage spaces, or use mergerfs + drivepool.


I'd just try that config first, It should work fine, and won't require really much hardware changes at all. If you need a vm, you can use hyper-v in windows for one.

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The main reason I want to use unraid here is the expandability and the data redundancy, I know I can do all of this on windows but then adding in new drives is gonna be a bit of a ballache

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