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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm LTE - battery life evaluation

Hello everyone,


I'll make this quick for everyone. I've recently bought the mentioned watched and I've decided to evaluate its battery performance. Samsung claims 40h. Lets see how it fairs with my settings.

I'll list these in no particular order. 



1. LTE - auto on (on when not connected to the phone, off when connected)

2. AOD - off

3. Brightness - auto, slider to about 65%

4. Battery saving - off

5. tap to wake display - off

6. tilt to wake display - on

7. gestures for answering calls, opening apps etc - off

8. Sync sensor data with Samsung health platform - all on

9. Constant heartbeat monitoring - off

10. Heartbeat and oxygen monitoring during sleep - on (does a check every 10min)

11. Sleep monitoring - on

12. Auto detect workout activity - on

13. Full sync including location, wifi, bluetooth with phone - on (this means that supported apps will get extended control through the watch (google maps, youtube..)

14. Apps deleted - Samsung global goals


I reckon these settings are on the upper edge of "get the most out of the watch without killing the battery". No power user stuff, no intensive training with watch features, no running it on LTE for hours on end, no google maps or youtube music with buds and so on.. If I fill it up completely before I go to bed, I get to around 50-55% charge by the next evening. And I don't fill it up completely anyways.. I usually stay between 85-30% charge, which is best for battery longevity. 


I reckon those 40h of claimed battery life are easily achievable if you're not a power user buying this as your fitness tracker that will run on LTE all day long. In any case, you'll be charging it every day. It does NOT have a 2 day battery life. But - top it off for 30-45min every day while you take a shower and get ready for bed.. and you'll probably only need to fully charge every 4-5 days. It's a good watch. Feature rich. I've also crosschecked the sensor data with medical grade equipment (heart rate, pressure, oxygen..) and it's very accurate. Usually within a few percentage points. Also - my watch has all the latest updates which presumably improve battery life significantly.  I have no reference points on that front but hey, I'm not complaining!


If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. I'll also update this post if something new comes up.


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9. Constant heartbeat monitoring - off

Turn this on, won't use any more battery, but will give you more data, and if you have HR on your watchface, you will see your actual heartrate, instead of what it was 10 mins ago.

This also adds heartrate graphs to auto detected workouts, because the watch has the heartrate data already, even though you haven't walked 10 mins for the workout to activate yet.


Also if you like, you can enable AOD, if you turn off tilt to wake. Should give about similar battery life with an optimized watchface, like pixel minimal watchface for example.

I only see your reply if you @ me.

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Yeah i really want to buy a watch 4 right now, but with the surplux of battery issues, I’m gonna have to wait for the 5. 

I’d bet you’re in the phones and tablets category (my domain haha)
The king of quack, That android guy…

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