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Drives not showing up when connected via sata

Hey there (first and foremost, I wasnt sure whether this post belongs in this subforum or the storage drive subforum, but I hope this is fine)!,

I am almost certain that I am just missing something about connectivity limits and or alike.


I have an ROG Strix X570-E Gaming motherboard paired with an 5900x,  and I have 3 drives connected. a 970evo (m.2) connected using the first m.2 slot and two regular SATA SSDs. All of them, so far, are showing up and working like normal, but as soon as I try to connect a third SSD it is not showing up, neither in the BioS nor in the OS.

I looked in the manual to see if there are any locked SATA ports when using the M.2, but I didnt see anything, especially because I tested multiple different SATA connections and none of them seemed to work.

I would love if you could help me out here, and or even inform me about a mabye faulty MB 🙂

much love.

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