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Corrosion on graphics card?

my pc broke down some time ago (I suspect that it had to do with the CPU but wasnt worth fixing) and recently I've decided to build myself a new one. Since I can't order all my parts right now, I decided to skip the gpu for a few weeks and use my old R9 390. However, as you can see on the pic, there are some darker spots on the PCIe connector that have been there since troubleshooting my old pc (~1 year ago).
I tried cleaning the connectors with some IPA, but I couldn't get it off so I wanted to ask, whether you think I can still use this card for a week or two (and / or fix it). 

(And yes, I know that this is one dusty boi. If I know that it's still useable, I will clean the dust)

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Each of the pins on the pci-e has it's own usage...only one way to find out and that is to try the card...

I suppose there should not be any issues as long the pins are making contact with pci-e slot.


Please do not take offence for my apparent confusion or rudeness,it's not intent me to be like that,it's just my BPD,be nice to me,and I'll return twice better,be rude and usually I get easly pissed of...I'll try to help anyone here,as long as it's something I dealt with,and even if you think I'm rude or not polite,forgive me,  it's not me it's my BPD.

Thanks for understanding.

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