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Asus Z690M-Plus D4 XMP Profile Quirk

I recently upgraded my system to the new LGA 1700 socket. I am running a Z690M-Plus motherboard with Corsair Vengance CMW32GX4M2C3200C18 memory. (This is a 32 GB kit x2 16GB sticks of 3200 MHz Memory). The timings of this memory are 18-22-22-42.


Upon installing it in my system, I updated the motherboard to the latest release. I attempted to activate the XMP I profile however the system would not boot, it would always boot into 'Safe Mode' with the only option being to enter setup and revert my changes. I checked the timings, voltage and frequency set by the XMP profile and it matched perfectly. I reseated my RAM and installed numerous firmware updates still with no luck.


Eventually, I tried installing the memory in A2, B2 instead of A1, B1. This resolved the issue, now XMP is working normally and my memory is running at its rated frequency of 3200 MHz.


I am interested to know why running the sticks in A2, B2 would have resolved the issue. Additionally, I am interested in the actual technical differences between the two sets of sockets. I also wanted to share these findings in case anyone else is having the same issue.


Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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