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First PC for High End Gaming

Budget (including currency): ~$2000 USD

Country: US

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Triple-A Open World Action RPGs, CS:GO. I pretty much want to be any games at high settings, max res, and high fps.

Other details: I want to build this PC completely from scratch for gaming (upgrading from using gaming laptops my whole life) and run any game comfortably. The only peripheral I am looking to buy is the ASUS ROG Strix XG349C ultrawide monitor and I am keeping it separate from the PC budget. I want to be able to play on its native resolution and at least in 60fps on single player games. 


The current PC parts I am looking at are in this list:



I want to know if there's anywhere I can make price cuts on parts without sacrificing too much performance or make improvements to performance without adding too much cost. I am okay going over the $2000 budget as it's not a strict number but I would prefer not to.

Extra note: My friend has an extra PSU that they plan to sell me for $80 so I only want to change that if there's a good or comparable alternative at a cheaper price.



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You could save some money by going to a 980EVO for the SSD. Other than that it looks good, however you will need to get some extra fans if you want to aircool that 5900x. You would be fine just getting some fractal fans or if you want to elevate the build, try these out.




Hope this was helpful. Have a great day !

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