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Need help determining duplicate files inside a 7z archive

So seeing today's video, I wanted to do something about my 300gb 7z archive that I have sitting in my D drive. It's a compressed file that contained all the files inside my PC at the time I made it, so the archive contains lots of files that I still have today. What I wanted to do is to delete all the files in the archive that I still have, leaving me with the files that I have deleted/lost over time. This turned out to be harder than I thought


My strategy was to use MD5 checksums to determine which files I had duplicates for, but this had had some problems:
1) You can't calculate MD5 checksums for entire folders, so the best I could do is to recursively enter each lowest-level folder and calculate the MD5 checksums for every single file, and list it on a txt file. Then I could compare the txt files to see what lines don't match. This runs into a running time problem though - even if the calculation of an MD5 checksum is quick, having thousands of files means that even a moderate 15gb folder takes minutes or even hours.

2) I don't know if it's possible to calculate the MD5 of a folder contained within a 7z file, so to be able to calculate the MD5, I would need to extract the file from the archive. This takes space, which I am currently very short on in my pc. Not to mention the waiting time for each extraction

3) Furthermore, in order to delete a file within a 7z archive, you need to have adequate disk space (apparantly). So even if I find two folders that contain the exact same files, I wouldn't be able to delete it and free up the space


Is there a way to tackle this problem? I know that if I buy some additional storage (maybe an external harddrive) I could get around the storage space issues, but that still wouldn't solve how long it would take to calculate all the checksums. 


Anything helps, thanks

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