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Dell XPS Screen Flickering



My Dell XPS 9360 (2017) screen kinda went crazy all of a sudden. The laptop is perfectly usable with an external screen connected, but the built-in one is most of the time turned off and sporadically surges back to life, displaying an image for half a second and then it turns off again. this happens continuously, enabling the display, using it for displaying zero to one frame, and then powering it back off. I’ve included a video


What I’ve already tried:

  • using Ubuntu instead of Windows: the screen powers on and the interface can be viewed, although it’s “distorted” (similar to old CCTV interferences, with black lines flickering)
  • change bios firmware (I’ve tried all the available versions)
  • Update the drivers (only graphic driver available on dell’s website can’t be installed (incompatible windows version is detected))
  • Test the display pressing windows + D on startup: the display lits up correctly and perfectly displays red, green, blue full screen as it should. No glitches here
  • test the display in the bios: not working correctly
  • reset CMOS: no effect 
  • unplug the touchscreen cable: no effect
  • unplug the battery for 24h: no effect
  • Resetting the BIOS


My specs are:

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Intel i7-7560 with Iris 640
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 4k touch screen display 

I’m kinda desperate. Any help? 

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As soon as I wrote the post I realized I hadn’t try disconnecting the CMOS battery with the main battery disconnected. That did the trick. I don’t know how to close the topic

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