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Need help setting up new sound card


My friend told me I need a new sound card because of the buzz deep tone coming from the speaker. So I bought one online from Staples.ca


I have install SSDs in laptops in 2017 to 2018 and Wifi card in 2014 in a desktop.


What is the correct procedure of installing it?


The PC I have is Lenovo Think Center M73.


It will be really helpful if someone can help me out.


Here is two pictures of the product:





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Is this the PC you have? 



It has no expansion slots, you can’t install that card. Not to mention it’s also PCI which hasn’t been a thing on motherboards in ages. 

A USB audio adapter would have been more suitable and are quite cheap on Amazon. 


Or does it look more like this? This one doesn't have any PCI slots either. 




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Yeah, that sound card will most likely not work. I second GuiltySpark_, purchase a usb sound card. Also first make sure the buzz is gone if you disconnect the audio cable between your speaker and computer. Because if you have powered speakers they might make a buzzing noise on their own. I do hope that is one of the things your friend checked though. Feel free to provide some information on what speakers you use. They could be usb powered, which means you need to replace those. But like I said, I assume your friend have checked this.


But your sound card solution is any usb connected product basically. I recommend purchasing a bit better than the cheapest you can find. Otherwise you may end up with the same buzzing. New speakers with a direct usb connection is also an option, depending on what you use today.

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