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Dell Optiplex 3020 and Parsec

Morning all wondering if anyone has any knowledge of if a Dell Optiplex 3020


Dell Optiplex 3020 i5-4570 SFF Desktop Computer Specification: - Intel Quad Core i5-4570 (4th Generation) @ 3.2 Base/3.6ghz Turbo Speed (4 core/4 threads) - 500gb HDD (Harddrive) - 8gb RAM Memory (up to 16gb) - Intel HD Graphics 4600 - 2x USB-3.0 / 6x USB-2.0 - DVD-RW / CD-RW Optical Drive - VGA / Display Port / Ethernet - PCI-e x16 / PCI-e x1 slot for Graphics Card or Additional Storage


Would be able to run Parsec with any viability ?


Currently Parsec into PC on Latitude but that is really on last legs and frankly shocked works at all just wondering if anyone has any Xp with this ?

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That would be powerful enough, specs of the user PC don't matter as much as the one you're logging into

I'm not a professional, just an enthusiast. I don't know everything.

HGST Ultrastar: The last HDD you'll ever need to buy (and the one I always recommend).

Schrödinger's CPU: The Q9650. Is it irrelevant? Is it not? 

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