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Looking for Help and guidance

Hey all 


I work for SharkGaming.dk support team and have watched Linus for the past many years after the video Linus made support tickets have exploded 


We are a smal Danish based company and the support team is only 4 people including myself the Support team at Sharkgaming is only 1,5 years old and I'm the only one with it-support experience from working with Cisco (CCNA level) and troubleshooting hardware 


The work i do is handling the Telephone, live chat, Tier 1,2 and 3 support the creation of articles and guides and so forth im pretty dyslexic and the creation of the guides can be a struggle between all the outer task i have on a daily basis 


I come for help and guidance in What are some It-support tools and customer service/support tools that you think we can use 


Do you have any great ideas for what type of guides customers would need 


All the love in the world from a massive fan and computer enthusiast 


Sharkgaming It-Support team 


Naverland 6, 2600 Glostrup 

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