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drivers keep corrupting(?) and reinstalling windows is the one reliable fix

  1. so i made the mistake of buying an HP pvaillion gaming laptop (16-a0032dx). it has a core i5 10300h and a GTX1660ti max q. it worked great for 2 years but now im running into issues with my graphics.
  3.  recently i started getting BSOD's stating DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE, especially when playing valorant but usually before queueing into a match. it started as an annoying restart to fix it, but i believe after the latest nvidia update (5/12/22) it crashed so bad that the GPU wouldn't show in device manager even after disconnecting the battery to reset bios.
  5. today i spent 2 hours just trying to get my gpu to be detected at all but only the integrated graphics would work. ive had to do two windows reinstalls now, thankfully all of my data and programs is always on a second hard drive but i can't be reinstalling windows every week.
  7. does anyone have any ideas as to what i should do if this happens again or if there is any other possible root to my suffering im not thinking of? i would like to believe this is simply a software issue since a full windows wipe does fix this (temporarily) however at the moment im not sure i can rule this out.
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Ive run into a very similar issue on my pc [R9 3900x, 3080 ti]. And my plan is to just reinsall windows. It gives me a different error evertime. The crash logs say there is a missing file for windows.

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