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Need help figuring out how to share all 4 USB devices and 3 HDMI monitors between my desktop and work laptop (came with a Dell WD19S usb-c dock)


My new employer sent me a monitor and laptop (Dell Latitude 5520) with a USB-c dock (Dell WD19S), While this is awesome and all, I new have 3-1080p monitors and 4 USB devices that need to be switched between my desktop and my new laptop. I would rather not have to every day switch each device manually. My Desktop has a RTX 2080ti and I was able to get the dock to do USB and one DisplayPort over its USB-C port, but that's it. I can work off of one monitor for now but in the future I would like to switch all 3 between the desktop and the laptop. If I end up buying anything, I don't want to break the bank either since this is only a summer internship. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

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