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Text to Voice Software

Gonna start this with a shoutout to those that helped me before (Sry, to lazy/drunk to find the names). That advice is still working well!


Just thought I'd pop in and share this.


Mum, who had cancer and can never speak again, has decided she wants a TTS. This is a huge step for her, she's been resisting for awhile (as I suppose most ppl in that situation do).


Finding one that I would use (I aint giving her anything I wouldn't use myself) was harder than it should of been. You gotta deal with all the scams/fake crap and programs that just don't fit the bill.

I'm tired of reading comments about this or that company that 'Saved my life'. 


I aint here to promote anything. I just want your opinions on the one I found and if you think there are others that are worth look.


The software we are trying now is - Speech Assistant AAC - by ASoft.nl ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.asoft.speechassistant&hl=en&gl=US ) .... BTW I'm pretty sure this is 8 bucks GBP for the full version on android and 19USD for IOS (don't quote me on that).


Looks pretty good and to honest and we're only using the free version just now.

There are only one or two features of the paid version that might be worth it . Custom text for buttons and a higher word count (50 to 250) if you want to hear books, webpages etc  .... Or your a gibbering arse (like me).


This is day one. I'll try and keep this updated (No promises, I'm an idiot) and let you know how she gets on.

Any questions at all (and I mean any!) hit me up and I'll try to answer. This is a hell of a learning curve!




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