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Acer Swift 3 (SF315-41) and proprietary drivers

Hey there..

So, all in all I'm happy with this laptop (manufactured in Jan 2018), however I'm very disappointed in Acer that they do not seem at all interested to keep the laptop up to date driver wise. The most recent AMD drivers available from their website is September 2018... so not even a year after the laptop was released they stopped providing driver updates.

I've tried simply installing the drivers available over at AMD, and while this works I do loose performance in the sense that the laptop will not speed the fans up to 100%, and neither do I think the processor will run at its maximum potential. There is something proprietary about the Acer supplied AMD drivers that makes this whole thing work properly.

I've got the same issue in Ubuntu, where I can not select the high performance mode and will only give me the lesser two.. doing CPU intensive tasks never ramps up the fan speeds to 100% and so the performance is immediately impacted.

Is there any remedy at all to this, or am I simply screwed?

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