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K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Overview


Corsair K63 Wireless Keyboard Overview

I initially bought the Corsair K63 because I wanted a high quality product with high grade mechanical switches, a solid build which I could use at a distance without having to deal with cables. I currently have a Sony X950H 65" television for gaming in one room and a 75" version in the other - one uses an Xbox Series X and the other a desktop PC. Fondly enough I found out that this keyboard works on the Xbox Series X also, which is great if you ever want to use that little gaming tool for some productivity work as well.


Upon opening the package I was greeted with a minimalist design which I always like, minimal plastic when possible and a simple box with the bare essentials. Corsair boats fast Wi-Fi connection signals for an ultrafast 1 ms response to gaming which was great to see. Upon testing the keyboard I found that it had a near flawless response, at times I didn't even know if the keyboard was plugged in or not, it was really as good as their original claim. I also really liked the mechanical red switches, they were fast, soft and very easy and comfortable on the hand. This particular keyboard is a compact sized one without the keypad which some people may find annoying, however since I previously owned both the K70 (larger brother) and the Coolermaster CK550, I felt right right at home with either size or form factor - although my feeling on this won't be universal. 


I didn't like the wrist-rest, which although very comfortable just like the keyboard (high quality, soft plastics), it has a double hook like mechanism which attaches to the keyboard. This is a bit of an uncreative approach in modern times as keyboards like the CM CK550 are already using magnets and for various reason those are better due to not being able to break as easily. I also really miss the volume rocker on the K70, I wish that Corsair just included that on all of their keyboards.


Other than that the B (blue lighting) is very beautiful, the iCue software works perfectly with this device, but sadly we don't get the full spectrum of RGB, a little bit of a let down considering the price of this product, which is equivalent or higher than a K57 wireless keyboard with a mouse (granted that one has no mechanical switches).

Lastly, the product feels very well put together, I'm hoping the golden mechanical switches last the test of time, but only with intense gaming and a strong passion for Microsoft Word will we ever truly find out.



I'm very happy with it, minor drawbacks that I can live with.



+ Feels amazing in the hands, great typing experience

+ Great high speed Wi-Fi connection 

+ Quality Build

+ Compact Design

+ Wireless



- A little expensive

- Potentially problematic and unwelcoming wrist-rest design

- Not as feature packed as the K70 

- Missing full spectrum RGB



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Great review! Thanks for sharing this.


Also, are you using a cloth for a mouse pad?

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Yep just a simple cloth, no need for a mousepad, at least for my usage scenario. It's optical, they are never as good as laser, so don't put it on glass or it won't work too well - but for most surfaces it should be fine. 

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