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Should I return my new TV?

Hello all,


Got a new tv a few days ago to go with my xbox series x. It's a "philips 43pus8506/12" and its a pretty decent set but especially when playing games or watching shows that have dark scenes I notice some pretty bad backlight.

It has no backlight "bleed" its just very irregular especially with vertical lines.


I just tried to test it and bumped up the brightness to max (only to make it noticeable for the photo) and then also noticed a hard horizontal line across the screen. This I havent noticed before and perhaps is due to max brightness so thats no problem for me but only the vertical "clouds" of backlight is really distracting in games sometimes.


It has the latest software, rebooted it a couple times, taken out the power for a couple of minutes etc.


Should I return it or is it something I could "expect" in a tv price range of +- €600 for led, 4k, hdr, dolby atmos etc.?

Could it perhaps get less over time?


Thanks for the help.



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I don't see much on that picture.

Maybe change some settings, reduce brightness, change backlitting setting.

It depends on how your tv handles backlitting, does it have square zones or just columns ? I guess the latter


Couldn't find any meaningfull review.


600e sounds like a lot for a 43", you could nearly have gone Oled, no backlighting, like me.

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