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Trouble finding bare rig in UK, possible DIY idea?

Something which has been really bugging me lately is how difficult it seems to be to buy a mining that's good to go, just add GPUs.


I;'ve lost count of the amount of ebay, facebook, various other sellers who say they can do it but have a chat and then they never reply. Surely its easy money for someone who knows what they are doing. Lots of rigs being s0old with the GPUs in them but I don't want that. I might take a few GPu's but want about 5/6 empty slots to fill myself. 


Have we got many UK members on here? Would love some pointers. I'd happy order from the states if its's a fairly idiot proof DI(Y setup. 


Another thought I had was this. Currently have a machine running 2 GPUs, one with a riser. 

In recent discovered PCI splitters like the one below




Bought one and it does what it says on the tin. 


Would there be anything to stop upgrading my PSU and running 5 cards from that? Could do something similar on my other machine although I use it for work so maybe not the best uidea. .


Whack in a 2000 watt PSU,couple of the splitters, with risers and surely it will work? Might look la bit messy but its out of sight so dom't really care. Is there any6 fundamental reason why this wouldn't wort. I've not properly stress tested the adaptor with say 54or 5 GPUs.


Can aany advises?





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I mean a couple pieces of tube steel and wood with screws would allow for however many you want. 

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