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Bought a new home, what to do with multi room (ceiling) speakers?


Hoping some people on here have experience with this and can give me some advice.

Bought a house and moved in this past weekend. There are speakers in three different rooms (two in each room).

There are 3 wire runs all down to the basement. Each of these runs has 4 wires, red, green, white and black.

What I would like to do is have the ability to control audio playback to these speakers remotely. It would be nice to, from my phone, be able to play spotify for example and at the same time select a "room" to play back to (so if I want music in the kitchen, my wife upstairs doesnt get audio). What do I need to be able to do this? Is there one device, or can I buy 3 devices for example and have them each control a different room?

Second, I assume the wires are paired (ie green/red for one speaker, black/white for the other), but if anyone else has some ideas on this that would be helpful

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Each speaker should have a separate pair of wires (in my experience, they are usually coded red and white).


The speakers themselves should not have any functionality. Whether you can control them remotely depends on the device they are plugged into.


You'd want to look at a wireless audio system (image is for example only, not sure if this is actually what you need)



Preferably with multiple channels so you can connect each room to a different channel. If you want to play different sources in every room, that becomes more tricky.

In that case, you could get a smaller budget system for every room, so you can control them separately.

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