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TV recommendation for 65 Inch


I would love to upgrade my current TV.
Current TV and Specs:
Samsung 46" LED TV 
Res: 1.920 x 1.080 Pixel (1080p)
Link for current TV: https://productz.com/en/samsung-ue46f6510/p/ZJ2nA
The 3D aspect of it gets never used.

My Price range is up to 1700€ so about 1850$ 
Size I want is:
55" until 65" (nothing larger than that as the space would be otherwise too restricted) 65" is preferred as viewing Distance is about 4 meters too 4.50 meters
Support for Cable TV
Support for German Language(for settings etc)

I found this TV : https://electronics.sony.com/tv-video/televisions/oled/p/xr65a80j so a 65" from Sony 4K OLED (currently on sale where I live for 1699€)
As the next year Model seems to be around the corner(https://electronics.sony.com/tv-video/televisions/all-tvs/p/xr65a80k) I hope the price drops even further.
This TV seems currently a good fit but as I'm no geek in the TV space I don't know what Brands are out there and what alternatives exist. 
The Space for the TV stand is restricted in terms of space. 120cm x 40 cm (Length x Width) and it needs to have about min 6 cm  of stand height (Soundbar in front/under it).

What Brands or TVs do you recommend to have a look on. I'm thankful for any recommendation.
In the end I just want to know if buying exactly this TV is a "good" idea or if there are better alternatives or TVs at that Price Point with good features.

What is the most important thing I should pay attention at when shopping for a new TV? 

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That's on the order of 14' viewer distance from the display.  I do not recommend going beyond 2:1 (viewing distance : display diagonal).  That would mean 7' display or ~85".


YMMV, I just hesitate to recommend something of 20" shorter diagonal than what the long-range-end of that ratio would be.  (Even a 120" display would be practical for your described viewing distance).


Honestly, depending on what you intend to use it for--a projector might be a better option.  Even a UST.  UST is great for fitting onto an existing entertainment stand without much modification at all.  I can't really recommend them for gamers who are sensitive to latency (though I never have issues personally).  But a UST does give you the advantage of being able to "Right size" your display area to whatever size fits your taste (usually 80"-120" or so).


So unless you are desperate for a new display now--and you don't mind being about 4' further back from a display than would normally be recommended--I would explore other options and/or save up.  At $1800, that 65" is about $1 per sq/in (~1800 sq/in total).  On the other hand, a 120" is ~6150 sq/in--and won't cost you nearly that much in most cases (including the screen).  The Hisense L5G 120" is about $3850 on Amazon right now.  And options in the UST market are increasing rapidly.


Just my $.02

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they the best site to check out tvs.

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sit closer for a 65 inch. I would suggest halving the distance!

keep in a mind a tv cabinet itself should never decide the width of a tv. i have a 65 inch in a corner cabinet that overhangs both sides. and I feel its small at around 3 meter seating distance!

for non gaming yes that sony oled is the best option out there.

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