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Wireless Sound Bar Setup for Home Theater


Hi Guys

I am Looking into a Home Theater Setup for my living room.
I would like to have a long throw projector connected to an apple TV or similar projecting on to the opposing wall.
The Projector I am currently considering is the following: Xgimi Horizon Pro

It also has a built in chromecast function, so that is an option as well.

I would now like to set up a sound bar at the wall where the screen is located to provide a nice sound experience.
However, I would like to avoid having to run a cable all the way to the opposing wall for sound. 
Can anybody recommend a good quality sound bar (~$500) with nice features and a wireless sound setup to go along with it. Is this even a viable option or will it lead to general jankyness and fiddlyness of the sound output (e.g. having to reconnect everytime the setup is used)

What are good options (airplay, chromecast, other wireless sound solutions?)
Additionally, I would also like to have the option of connecting a laptop to the projector for image and be able to cast the sound to the sound bar. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The built in Chromecast can handle the laptop streaming. It's honestly one of the best features of the Chromecast, no more running an HDMI cable to a laptop.

As for the sound system, as @dilpicklesaid, you may need to bite the bullet and run some cables.

Is there any way you could easily (stealthily) run an optical digital cable for audio? 

Some soundbars will wirelessly connect to additional speakers/woofers, the Sonos ARC is probably your best bet for this sort of setup to run a single cable. 

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