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HDMI hub for ARC Audio Support. 2x2 TV Matrix.

I tried to do as much research as possible, but I understand not many people would have this issue....


In my living room I have a 2x2 tv matrix on the wall that I use to air different football games, NCAA BB etc. At any time I may have up to all 4 tv's going with different games. 

Right now my bottom left TV is the only one attached to my sound bar via ARC. I have to put what ever game we want to listen to on that TV always. 

I would like to have a small HDMI hub similar to this > https://www.amazon.com/Koopman-Switcher-Selector-Supports-Splitter/dp/B0831FCRW2 and run an hdmi cable from the arc port on the back of each tv to this splitter and then have 1 output to the arc port on my sonos soundbar. Ideally I could use the hub remote to switch hdmi audio source and easily play the audio from any of the 4 tv's on the sound bar. 


I feel like a small hub like that would work but I wanted to run it by some other people online. Thanks for your help!!

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I won't pretend this is an area of expertise.


The most straight forward way is likely an AVR. These are usually meant to be used with speakers. Their thing is being able to take 1-5 sources and spit out sound for one of them (as well as video to 1-2 displays  - though with ARC you can skip the video output part and just keep that on the TV to begin with).

Using a hub of sorts COULD work, though I wouldn't be certain. HDMI has anti-copyright infringement protocols and not all hubs like what you linked pass them through properly.


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