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LG subwoofer wont connect to the soundbar

So I've been having alot of trouble trying to reconnectmy subwoofer to the soundbar. I have the LG SN7R, and it comes with a 33w sub (model no: SPN5B-W). Everything had worked fine up untill yesterday, I came home, and the sub hasn't connected to the soundbar.


I have tried a few things, power cycling both the soundbar and sub. Re connecting all of the wireless systems by holding the volume down button for a few seconds, then the mute button for a few after. Another process that you hold the vloume down button and the sound effect button for a few seconds.


Seince I'm here then nothing has worked, the LED on the sub will not stop flashing green, apparently it can alternate between red and green, it can be solid red, but all I've seen is flashing green. And seince trying all these things, and the soundbarhas connected fine to the small receiver that controls the rear speakers. I'm lead to imply there's a problem with the sub, so I took the back off and aside for an ungodly ammout of glue I think it is, everything seemed fine and connected properly.


But does anyone have anything else i could try? Ive had this setup for 10 months so it's not old. Otherwise I may have to just return it and try to find something similar.

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