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Will 8th gen Mobo support 6th gen processor?

Hi everyone!

I have a 6th gen Gigabyte Motherboard which doesn't work properly. I couldn't a 6th gen motherboard now.


I heard from some people that an 8th gen Mobo will support 6th gen processor since they have the same socket (LGA 1151).


Can I take a risk and buy an 8th gen motherboard?

CPU : Intel Core i3-6098P

Mobo : GigaByte GA-B250M-D2V


Will GigaByte GA-H310M-H 2.0 support my processor?

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Short answer: no.


Long answer: there are technically two different versions of the 1151 socket, one that supports 6th and 7th gen CPUs, another that support 8th and 9th gen chips. I blame Intel for not giving the 2nd one a suffix like 1151-v2. It just creates unnecessary confusion, as evidenced by here.


The sockets are actually mechanically compatible, so you can get that board and install the CPU in it. However, there is no BIOS support for it. Some people have modded in BIOS support for the older CPUs, same with the other way around, it's just that you're likely to run into weird issues since your modifying the BIOS. 

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