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Asus ThunderboltEX4 on MSI Z690 Unify X


I don’t know why MSI doesn’t have Thunderbolt ports on the Z690 Unify-X, HOWEVER, they do give a TBT3 header (14-1) on the motherboard.

The only Thunderbolt card I found with that sort of a header configuration is the ThunderboltEX4 by Asus.

Here are my questions:

-    will the Asus ThunderboltEX4 work on the MSI motherboard? (Yes, the motherboard has the same 14-1 pin-out which Asus uses)

-    Has anyone used the ThunderboltEX4 on a non Asus motherboard? 

-    provided it works: the ThunderboltEX4 is a Thunderbolt4 card, and the header is TBT3 (thunderbolt3) so I am assuming it will only give me Thunderbolt 3 correct?

Thank you 

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