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Couple of Issue with Network

I'm having a couple of issues with my network, and I have been unable to find any details on how to resolve it. 

First, let me explain how my network is set up. It is setup fairly poorly, but it mostly works. Our default gateway is a Linksys LRT214 Gigabit VPN Router, that then connects to a unmanaged switch, which breaks it out to an old wifi router which is used as a wap. From there I then have a line that leads to my room (which is quite close). That line ends into another unmanaged switch which connects both my Cisco routers, a couple of 2911s, and my computer. Attached to my first Cisco router is a switch, on a subnet ( that my NAS and a pi hook up to, and my second router for future use (through

The biggest issue I'm having is internet connectivity in the subnet. It can access the broader internet, but it has a major problem with dropping packets. The packet loss only happens with internet packets. I haven't had issues with packets getting dropped on the local network. I have the routing tables set correctly, and I have added a clause to the Linksys router's ACL to allow packets through from It seems to be intermittent, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

The second issue I'm having is with cables. I've made some cables to do cleaner runs for my router, but my Cisco equipment will not establish links over the cables. I thought I wasn't terminating it correctly, but all of our other equipment does work with it. I've made sure auto MDIX is set on my Cisco gear, and I've tried using the correct cable (straight through and crossover) where needed. I have also made sure that my cabling can do the runs. I'm not sure what's wrong, so any help would be appreciated.

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