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I made a thing and I thought it was cool: 3D Printing Minecraft Builds Every 24 Hours

Ookay so WFH life has got us all a little extra free-time. 


It's during these times that my fingers start to itch for some hobby programming...DUH DUH DUHHHH


But first, some background - 

In my spare time, I host an [extremely] small public Minecraft server. I've never much enjoyed playing Minecraft, but administering a server always appealed to me. 


My roommate and I also run a [slightly less small] YouTube channel. This is only important because it's why I ended up with a Creality Ender 3V2 [3D Printer].


Back to the story!

After recently moving, my roommate and I set up the 3D printer and printed a few parts for a project. In the mean-time, I was also fussing about with the Minecraft server.


It didn't take long for me to realize that it would be so neat to be able to bring the digital builds of a Minecraft world into the physical world with a 3D printer. Not only that, I thought it would be super neat for the general public to be able to print their creations in my house (this also sounded like a terrible idea at the same time).


So I looked into the problem and realized that with the help of a few great programs (Mineways, SuperSlicer) I would be able to make just that happen quite easily. 




I could AUTOMATE it 🥳 Just what my itching fingers needed 🥲

So I set about writing a few Python scripts, Bash scripts, CRON jobs, and a Java Minecraft plugin. 


3 short days later, I had done it! My first fully-automated print from my public Minecraft server! (Plus automated Tweets, and the entire process is livestreamed, of course)





Alas, I've been sad lately. A few folks have hopped on and built a few things, but it really hasn't gained any traction. 
That's why I'm posting here. I hope to find a few other folks who think this is cool, and may want to at least share it with their friends. 


If that's you, I'd love to hear it 🙂 I won't drop any links unless someone is interested, but I'll include a screenshot of the current server setup below.image.thumb.png.e71e2d7eb8619d3cd207a830b3848153.png

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If it's Java Minecraft, I'd like to experiment.




Likes animals (especially ducks)


PSA: Don't lie


I own a lot of iDevices.

iPhone3,1 = iPhone 4 (GSM) (Black) = 16GB, iOS 5.1.1 (unlocked)

iPhone3,3 = iPhone 4 (CDMA) (Black) = 16GB, iOS 4.2.6 (locked to Verizon)

iPhone4,1 = iPhone 4S (Black) = 16GB, iOS 9.2.1 (unlocked)

iPad2,5 = iPad mini 1 (Silver) = 6GB, iOS 8.4.1 + 10GB, 6.1.3 (WiFi only)

iPhone5,3 = iPhone 5C (GSM) (Blue) = 32GB, iOS 10.3.3 (locked to AT&T)

iPhone6,1 = iPhone 5S (GSM) (Space Gray) = 16GB, iOS 10.3.3 (locked to TracFone)

iPhone6,1 = iPhone 5S (GSM) (Silver) = 16GB, iOS 11.0.1 (locked to TracFone)

iPhone7,2 = iPhone 6 (Silver) = 16GB, iOS 8.3

iPhone8,1 = iPhone 6S (Space Gray) N71AP = 16GB, iOS 15.0.2 (unlocked)

iPhone9,1 = iPhone 7 (Global) (Midnight Star) = 256GB, iOS 15.1 (unlocked)

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13 hours ago, FakeKGB said:

If it's Java Minecraft, I'd like to experiment.

It is! I'll PM you the IP 🙂 

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