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Laptop Server Storage - Hub Edition


Hey folks,


So I have an HP laptop (Spectre X360) that I dont really use anymore, setup as a home server (tent mode, battery removed, ubuntu installed). I'm currently working on transferring all my docker containers and services from my Pi 3B+. Currently my Pi acts as a NAS with an external HDD enclosure connected to a USB port. So, as I was transferring this to the laptop I realize that I have a total of three data ports on it. I have two USB-C ports and one USB-3.0 port (And that USB port is occupied by an ethernet adapter. Wow thanks for all the ports HP, very cool!). So my question is, for drives connected via USB-C and/or USB-3.0, what hubs would work and be most reliable for such an array of drives/devices?


Also an an aside: Is this just a generally bad idea? I understand that I should really get an old office PC with a proper SATA interface, but I would much rather just use what I have lying around than buy a system.


Thanks in advance for the input!

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