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Error 00 or DRAM LED - BSOD, Random Occuring

Hey folks,
I recently experienced a several  BSOD, System freezed and no reaction, Q.Code 00 or No Q-Code (still AA) and DRAM Led on. Reboot lead to shut down. Booted again, no reaction. After the second reboot, everthings seemed normal.
Unfortunatly, the problem reoccured after a ca. 40 Minutes of gaming. After that, I googled the error and found that some information about faulty BIOS data causing the error. So I went through trouble shooting and reseted the cmos. Reconfigured the Bios and booted again. In hope that this will have fixed the problem, I ran a Prime95 to test the system. Again after approx. 30-40 minutes the same Error occured. I'm quite desperate, as most Internet ressources say, the main reason could be the memory controller on the cpu, which would mean, I need a new one. I uploaded the win diag files from the TS intruction, I will add the other diagnostic, if it does not crash and finishes..

I already tested one Ramstick with MemTest86. Passing 2 instances, 0 Errors (3 hours of testing). With this Ramstick, it crashed again. I really dunno what to do. I also notice a rattle in the AiO Pump (Kraken X73). I read that also faulty pumps can cause a system freeze as they send no signal to the Mobo. Temps are totally fine - running in ide at 30-36 Celcius and under load Prime95 about 83 Celcius after 45 minutes. When Gaming, never went over 70 Degrees.

I need some advice how I should continue to fix the problem or, even more important, to identify the faulty part (whether RAM, CPU or MB, Kraken). Maybe somebody can help, I'm quite fit in computer things, but I need my setup for work, so help would be appreciated. I build the system a year ago. I was performing absolutly flawless in every task (gaming, workstation load, everything), without a single problem over the year.

Thanks in advance for your advice !

My System
Asus Hero Wifi VIII
5900X Ryzen (PBO enabled, no changes)
64GB RAM (3600 DOCP Standard Profile)

RTX 3080
Samsungs 980 Pro SSDs ( 1TB System, 2 TB Storage)

AiO Watercooling X73 Kraken



Windows 10 Education
Version    21H2
Installed  ‎05.‎02.‎2021
Build    19044.1469
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0



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If you turn off XMP/DOCP, does the system stop crashing?

So rise up, all ye lost ones, as one, we'll claw the clouds

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No still the same tried this already,  the DOCP was also running one year without any issues.

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