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Budget (including currency): 1000

Country: US

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Triple a games COD PUBG and MMO RPG

Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Already have monitor and peripherals this is just for help in selecting either pre built or build from scratch.


So thank you to all who helped me with my daily driver laptop edition, and now it is time for the real test. I have never built my own PC but have watched ltt for about three years and have fallen in love with tech and have even decided to go to college to become a network administrator. That being said I just want to know if yall have any suggestions or tips for me as I begin the journey.  I would like to be able to just have a smooth running experience and still need just a bit more explanation on what ssd and the differences between ddr4 and gddr4 and the minimum required type of processor 

Thank you for your time


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The big problem you're gonna run into is getting a GPU. The 3050 is supposed to launch Thursday morning for $250 US, but its a crap shoot for if you're gonna be able to get one or not, and odds are you're not gonna be able to get one for less than $350-400. If you do manage to score one, this is the system I would build.




It's a solid SSD, very fast CPU for the price, easy to build in case, solid PSU, and a fast enough RAM kit. If you don't manage to get one though, you should either be looking at the APU options from AMD or just getting a scalped GPU. If you want to be playing AAA games, the scalped GPU might be the best bet. A used GTX 1070 goes for about $350-400 and would fit into that first build quite nicely, and would give pretty good performance for most AAA games at 1080p medium to high settings (more high than medium). The 6500XT is technically an option, but that card is terrible, being outperformed by the aforementioned 1070 and even the previous gen 5500XT. That said, if you want a brand new GPU for the warranty, it's an option that's in stock and will play games. If you don't wanna get a scalped GPU and want to avoid that poor excuse for a graphics card that is the 6500XT, whether it be because you wanna try your hand at getting a GPU or because you don't want to pay a scalper for moral reasons, you should be looking at AMD APU systems like the 5600G. 




This is the APU system. The onboard graphics are much better than anything Intel has to offer, but the actual CPU does lag behind. It's still plenty for most games, but if you don't need the iGPU, you might as well save money and get better performance with the Intel machine. As for specifics about the machine, it's got BIOS flashback so you know the CPU will work with the motherboard (not a guarantee with AMD boards out of the box), and it's got enough features. The memory kit is pretty fast, and fast memory with an APU really does help. Everything else is the same, so if you get a GPU down the road, feel free to put it in there and game like its nobody's business. 


Feel free to @RONOTHAN##if you have any other questions or are confused by my suggestions. I'm usually pretty good at explaining things, but it's 4AM so there's probably some things I've overlooked in explaining. 

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